Maryland Archeological Synthesis Project


All information contained within the searchable database and in individual synopsis reports is solely the work of the researchers and authors noted in the corresponding project cover sheets for each site. The data provided has been culled from the original site reports noted in the "External Reference Codes/Library ID Number" field available at the end of each report. In most cases these data have been lifted directly from the original reports with little or no editing. The database and inventory sheets are meant to serve as a capsule summary of the report findings and a finding aid and are not intended to replace or republish the research of the original authors. Thus, the synopsis reports themselves should not be cited, but used to locate the full site reports in the MHT Library or elsewhere.

Search the Database — Public Access

Limited use of the Archeological Synthesis Database is available to the general public. Geographic location and site setting information within this version of the database is intentionally vague to protect site locations. Latitude and Longitude data is only accurate to within 1 square mile of each site. This option is suitable unless you are a professional archeologist who is qualified to access detailed locational data.


Search the Database — Professional Access

This search includes detailed site location data. Access must be approved by the MHT Archeology Program by obtaining a valid account in MHT's Medusa Cultural Resource Information System. If you have an account, log in below:

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For More Information

For questions about the Archeological Synthesis Project or to make research inquiries, please contact Dr. Matt McKnight at (410) 697-9572.