Welcome to MHT e106!

Through the MHT e106 system, users provide their requests for MHT review of state and federal projects by completing an online form and uploading required attachments. The system accepts, tracks, and responds to individual review requests with MHT's official comments regarding project effects to historic and archaeological resources. MHT e106 offers improved program efficiencies in the project review process and meets goals for paperless submittals.

Who Should Use MHT e106?

MHT e106 is designed for use by federal and state agencies; applicants and recipients of federal/state funds, permits, or licenses; and consultants working on behalf of these entities. MHT enters all review requests into the MHT e106 database for tracking purposes.

Get Started

To use MHT e106, simply register for a free user account by using your individual email address, or log in if you have already registered. For detailed instructions on setting up an account and navigating the MHT e106 system, please consult the e106 User Guide.